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If you don't wish to do a intensive or semi intensive driving course 1 or 2 driving lessons a week is fine, Most students learn to drive with a 2 hour lesson once a week.

Intensive and semi intensive driving lessons in the Worthing and Littlehampton area

It can be hard for students to do 30 - 40 hours in a week. I would advise 20 hours for the first week, This will give me an indication of the students driving skills and gives the pupil time to take in the information. We would then look at booking a test about 2-3 weeks later with lessons as required, This will depend on the pupils ability. (Around 10 - 20 lessons)

Quick learners around 25 - 35 lessons to test standard.
Average learners around 35 - 40 lessons to test standard.

The UK average to test standard last year was 45.5 hours with a d.s.a. approved instructor plus 19 hours with family.

Cheap Driving Lessons in the Worthing and Littlehampton area:

1 free lesson every 10

Pay as you go £20 per hour

10 lessons in payed advance £19 per hour = 11 hours £190

Full theory package free

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